4 Controversial reasons why police officers make the best career changers

1. No one gets sh*t done like a cop.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

I’m not saying cops always get things 'perfect'.

I’m just saying that whatever gets in the way, cops deliver.

Every time.

2. There's no better life skills training than policing.

Contrary to popular belief, policing can be done by anyone who:

  • Retains their integrity - even with autonomy
  • Makes good decisions - even under pressure
  • Takes accountability - whatever the outcome
  • Takes action - whatever the circumstances

And yet, most employees wouldn't make good police officers.

3. No corporate job is harder than policing.

Whatever the job, a cop will have managed:

  • More Uncertainty
  • More Complexity
  • More Pressure
  • More Stress
  • More Risk

They have solved every other problem they've faced on time, on budget, and with:

  • Logical analysis
  • Strong networks of contacts
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Whatever resources are available

They'll solve business problems in the same way.

4. Policing is NOT a job for life.

35 years service for the pension and the medal is a giant mistake.

It's not uncommon for officers and staff to double their salaries within 18 months of leaving.

If you do it for the,

  • Sense of purpose
  • Communities you serve
  • Specific problems you get to solve

Then I salute you.

But don't sell yourself short if you work for the money, or the 'freedom' you get at the end.