I’ve spoken at events, been interviewed for many podcasts and even presented the odd lecture.

Most of my working life is now on camera, be that Loom to help share a demo or Zoom for meetings or LinkedIn for a live Q&A. Recently i've enjoyed appearing on podcasts interviews too and I've shared a few of my favourites below.

Live Streams


Episode 73: Making plans for leaving the police

Tango Juliet Foxtrot podcast, January 2023

Interview with Ian Donnelly, author of the Tango Juliet Foxtrot book, to talk about the spike in new and experienced officers leacving the police due to poor pay, low morale and weak leadership - and what serving police officer's options look like outside the job.

Cop to Corporate - International Edition

Cop to Corporate Podcast, December 2022

Brian Tuskan's work is the longst running career transition guidance service for police officers worldwide - and he invited me on to talk about the different challenges faced by UK / US law enforcement when leaving the job.